"Adopt-A-Song" Crowd Funding Starts 2/20/15!

Hello friends!
Welcome to my "ADOPT-A-SONG" Crowd Funding Campaign!

As many of you already know, I have been working on completing the 14th record of my career since my major-label debut with The Caulfields in 1995. This is a SOLO record in a pretty pure sense.. I have played every instrument on all ten tracks and have performed all the vocal tracks. The one track that I plan to have guest vocalists on is the re-make of my song "Into Philadelphia," originally released by my band IKE in 2005. I hope to gather all seven former members of the band sing back-up vocals for the track this spring. I am asking for your support to help see this project through to completion! I want to be as transparent as possible in laying out THE PLAN for releasing new music, so you know where your hard-earned money would be going.

First off, after considering several different crowd funding websites, I have decided to "go rogue" and do this completely independently. I feel that these other sites, while clearly having some benefits, take a little too much control (and commission) where the funds are concerned. When you contribute to my campaign via "Adopt-A-Song," it goes directly into my PayPal account and I can get started right away on what need to get done. So here are the things that your money will be helping me accomplish:

Basic tracking of all instruments and vocals is already complete, so the next steps are:

MIXING.. I will be working again with the amazing Steven LaFashia (who has engineered and mixed the last two John & Brittany records, as well as many, many others). We tracked at our beloved Philly Sound Studios and hope to mix at Forge Recording in Oreland, PA. 

MASTERING.. I hope to be sending the mixes up to Andy VanDette, who mastered the most recent John & Brittany EP and has major mastering credits ranging from David Bowie to Sublime to Rush. 

MANUFACTURING.. CD replication is as reasonably priced as it's ever been. We also plan to produce unique merchandise in small batches, in addition to some more traditional items such as t-shirts and buttons.

MARKETING & PROMOTION.. I've done a lot of thinking and research about the best strategy for me to get my music out there in the world. Many artists release a record and don't have a plan to get it noticed and hopefully get it to sell. While I do plan to do some limited touring behind the release, I feel that, more and more, touring spends more money than it makes. I feel that the internet is the best place for these songs to get noticed and generate income. My goal is to release most, if not all, of these songs as singles with accompanying professionally produced lyric videos, prior to the release of the full album at the end of the promotion cycle. One single would have a traditional music video, which would be promoted with a dedicated media campaign through Big Picture Media and Rive Video Promotion, which is the combination that got John & Brittany's "Paper Planes" video on over 100 video outlets world-wide including MTV-u. 

I have created 10 different contribution levels, each named after one of the songs on the new album. There's a level for every budget and each level comes with something in return that hopefully you'll enjoy as much as I've enjoyed this entire process thus far. Please help me complete what I consider to be the most fulfilling record of my 20+ year career as a professional musician!

Thanks so much everyone!
John Faye