Adopt-A-Song ends on a high note!


The six weeks that encompassed "Adopt-A-Song" were some very gratifying times. It was initially a tough decision to run an independent crowd-funding campaign, as there are definitely pros and cons to "going rogue" outside of the usual system of using a third-party website, like Kickstarter or Indie GoGo, but in the end I feel I made the right choice to simply host the campaign on my own website. Having used Kickstarter before to fund John & Brittany's "Start Sinning" album, there was definitely a sense of pressure in that situation which I wanted to avoid for this. Because Kickstarter runs on an "all-or-nothing" platform, if you don't meet the stated goal by the end of the campaign, you get none of the funds that your fans so generously dug into their wallets for. That kind of pressure means you have to essentially hound people in a way that makes everyone a little uncomfortable. Knowing that I'd be able to keep all the contributions, whether I met my goal or not (and also NOT have to shell out 11% of everything that came in to Kickstarter, AND not have to wait until the end of the campaign to use the funds), I was able to post something every few days as things progressed and was able to pay for things as I went along. I tried hard to provide content I thought would hopefully encourage people to get involved. In-studio mix recap videos, in which people could see and hear how the songs were constructed, gave a little taste of what's to come and also showed a little of how things work behind-the scenes. It was quite an amazing experience to make a record on which I played everything. With the joyous exception of having all 7 of my former bandmates in IKE sing back-up vocals on my remake of "Into Philadelphia," I was responsible for every sound on Meddling Kid.. guitars, bass, drums, percussion, vocals, one-finger piano lines.. I feel great about how the record is sounding and I am so looking forward to releasing these songs into the world! In the end, the campaign raised enough to finish mixing and mastering the record and also pay for the lyric video for the first single! I am extremely grateful and fortunate for all the support people have given me and continue to give me. This Meddling Kid is one lucky SOB :) Thanks again!

Here are the links to the mix recap videos (with a few more to come soon):

John Faye "D.N.A." Mix Recap

John Faye "Back In The Day" Mix Recap

John Faye "Mere Mortals" Studio Recap

John Faye "Keep On Hanging Around" Studio Recap

John Faye "Church & State" Mix Recap

John Faye "Gemini, Change Your Mind" Mix Recap

And a litte comic relief:

John Faye's Adopt-A-Song Final Day