John Faye



Clearance Sale Grab Bag - Contains 9 Items!

For those of us who still love having a hard copy of the music we listen to, here's a CD/DVD bargain hunter's dream: Nine, count 'em, NINE JF items for just 25 bucks! 

The "Grab Bag" includes:

John Faye - Meddling Kid CD

John Faye Power Trip - self titled CD

IKE - Where To Begin CD

IKE - The Little People, Church & the Steeple CD

IKE - presents the Living Room Show Live CD

IKE - Bumper Sticker Wisdom DVD

John & Brittany - self titled CD

John & Brittany - Stories To Be Told CD (vinyl available at

Beat Clinic - Same Bed, Different Dreams CD

(just unearthed from the back of John's storage unit!)