Highlights and Musings.

"John Faye Power Trip" Turns 20! 

My 1999 album "The John Faye Power Trip" turns twenty this month and twenty years ago today (Sept. 5,1999) Cliff HillisDave Anthony, and Joann Schmidt accompanied me on stage, as the JFPT opened for REM (and Spacehog) at what was then called the Blockbuster Sony Music E-Centre, the venue all Philly/SNJ folks now know as "the place in Camden named after whatever corporate bank is currently paying the rent." I believe this was Joann‘s second gig as a member of JFPT.

The REM show was the grand…

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Jealousy Curve & Friends 5/24/19 TLA, Phila., PA 

I've been lucky enough to have a lot of incredible musical experiences in my life, but having the opportunity to be part of Jealousy Curve and Friends: A Benefit Concert for Michael Leavy ranks right up there at the top. When a rock show becomes a platform to reinforce all the things that are good within us - love, friendship, compassion, community, family - then you have something pretty special. Michael Leavy is just that sort of special human being that inspires those good things in all of us who know…

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Day of Show Diary 

For over a decade, I was in charge of a booking/curating/promoting a major holiday concert in Philadelphia called Jaxon's Mistletoe Jam. When I retired that concert series after 2017 in order to focus on writing my book, it was bittersweet. While I was thrilled to shift my creative focus into new and uncharted territory, I was sad to see the end of an era. What I didn't realize I'd miss so much was the fact that I could always count on this December gathering of kindred spirits, musicians, and music fans to…

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John Faye to open for Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg on 12/20/18! 

Just when I thought I was out... THEY PULL ME BACK IN! :)

I'm excited to return to the stage at Ardmore Music Hall in lovely Ardmore, PA on 12/20/18 to open for legendary Ramones drummer and Rock And Roll Hall of Famer Marky Ramone! In 1995, my band The Caulfields played just before the Ramones at a huge music festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was just a little over a year before they played their final show. I was able to watch the entire Ramones set from the side of the stage. I haven't seen or heard…

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