Mentorship / Consulting Zoom Call (30 min.)
  • Mentorship / Consulting Zoom Call (30 min.)
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Have questions about any of the following topics? Songwriting Producing Your Record The Music Business Your Singing / Speaking Voice Marketing Yourself How To Write A Bio or Pitch Time Management

Let's have a Zoom chat about it! Aside from being a musician who has navigated a 3+ decade career on both sides of the major/indie divide, I was a songwriting professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia for 16 years, and I continue to privately mentor and coach fellow musicians as a songwriting instructor, vocal coach, producer, and career consultant.

These chats are available via 30 or 60 minute Zoom meetings and the time is completely yours to discuss whatever you'd like to talk about or ask me any questions you may have. Let me help you reach your goals!

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