"Talking At The Diner" Podcast: Ep. 1 - Brett Talley 

In this “inaugural” episode of “Talking At The Diner,” John goes to the Dining Car in N.E. PHL with longtime “fixer” and bandmate from both IKE and the Caulfields - Brett Talley. Topics of discussion include: Brettman’s preference for “well done” fries, his issues with condiments that are not ketchup, the state of the upcoming Caulfields concert movie 26 Candles (which Brett is directing and editing), the significance of his Nine Inch Nails tattoo, his musical origin story, and more! 


A number of people are named or referred to with no further context, so for those who are new to John & Brett’s musical universe, here is a handy reference guide (hopefully in order of appearance): 

Frank Lafaro - Longtime studio client and confidant of Brett’s. Frank is the frontman of the Doo-wop group Frankie & the Fashions, which formed in the early 60’s before all four members went off to fight in Nam. Sometime in the 2010’s, Frank offered to “treat John to lunch” at the Dining Car for the purpose of “picking his brain” regarding the music business, but, in fact, just needed help setting up a YouTube account. At the end of the meal, the diner’s then-cash-only policy, coupled with an out-of-order ATM, led to John having to pick up the tab. 

Phil - Phil Murphy, lead singer of Brett’s band Outset, as well as the front man of Bangarang, his cover band in which Brett plays lead guitar. 

Sue / Susie - Susie Steen, bass player in Outset, IKE v2.0, and mother of Brett’s son. 

Joann Schmidt - Bass player in IKE v1.0, who gives John “lighthearted shit” about the number of songs on the band’s third album Where To Begin. 

Jason Miraglia - Drummer in IKE v2.0 and Bangarang, who, like Brett, is an avid Pearl Jam fan.