John Faye has entered the 4th decade of his career as a professional recording artist.

With over 8 hours of recorded music, spanning 15 studio albums and EPs, 2 live albums, 2 feature length DVDs, and numerous singles, it's sometimes tough to keep track of all he has accomplished as a musician and songwriter. So, here's a deep dive that still only scratches the surface of John's career. “This Is John Faye” is a Spotify playlist containing 45 songs from The Caulfields, John Faye Power Trip, IKE, John & Brittany, and John's solo work, including his award winning single “Orbit” and his recent collab with rising star Sug Daniels. 

You can also check out John's 2022 holiday duet collab with the super-talented Melissa Menago (June Divided).

John has also appeared on some pretty cool podcasts and we've compiled a couple of our favorite interviews here!