The voice of the Caulfields,
John Faye Power Trip, IKE, John & Brittany,
and John Faye & Those Meddling Kids.
Author of the new memoir The Yin and the Yang of it All.
The past, present, and future is all right here.
The name is John Faye.. John Kim Faye if you're nasty!

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JF at Shine A Light 2024

Party like it's 1984

I am returning for my third year with Shine A Light, as part of a 70+ musician collective working to support children's music education! We'll be rocking the main room at the Queen with all your favorites from the year I graduated form high school.. YIKES!!

"Talking at the Diner" single OUT NOW!

It's a podcast *AND* a song!

If you've listened to the podcast since its inception in 2021, you've heard snippets of this "theme song" embedded in the episodes but the fully mixed and mastered track is now available on streaming platforms and for purchase on Bandcamp! The song actually pre-dates the podcast, written during pandemic times when all I wanted to do was sit across the table from a friend at a diner and eat breakfast for dinner and talk shit about whatever :) 

JKF on The Halfie Project

Full feature available now

I was recently interviewed and featured by The Halfie Project, which is the brainchild of Rebecca Rose White, a Mixed Korean and White person, born in the US to a military family. Becky was incredibly kind and thorough in not only reading "The Yin and the Yang of it All," but also in her thoughtful questions and interview techniques. The story originally appeared on THP's social media pages in a series of individual posts, but the entire story is now available on the official Halfie Project website. 


2024 has a lot in store!

.. and I'm a poet and didn't even know it.. Annnnywho, I'd sincerely appreciate it if you'd consider subscribing to my "FAYE-treon" for as little as $2 a month. Your support helps fund all my creative projects, from mixing and mastering my new album, to developing the show based on my book, to the monthly podcast I produce to spotlight fellow working musicians. You also get exclusive sneak peaks and invitations to special Patreon events, like gang vocal recording sessions to appear on my new songs! Click the button to subscribe. There's even a free trial available!

Thanks to all who made the official release party for "The Yin and the Yang of it All" at Ardmore Music Hall a big success!!