The voice of the Caulfields,
John Faye Power Trip, IKE, John & Brittany,
and John Faye & Those Meddling Kids.
Author of the new memoir The Yin and the Yang of it All.
The past, present, and future is all right here.
The name is John Faye.. John Kim Faye if you're nasty!

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"The Yin and the Yang of it All" turns 1!

Deluxe Book Bundle now $10 off!

Read the "Editor's Pick" that Publisher's Weekly called "a backstage pass to the glory days of alternative rock."  AND get a t-shirt, a tote, and other goodies at a special price!!

WXPN Welcomes "Asian American Pie"

in celebration of aapi heritage month

I am a co-organizer of this 5-act mini festival featuring Asian-fronted artists! It will be my first full band show in Philadelphia in years! 
I'm honored to share the stage with these great artists:
Judah Kim, Alyssa Garcia, Moonroof, and Beau Frères!

MY band will feature:
Joey DiTullio, Ron DiSilvestro, and Joann Schmidt!!
With special guest appearances by:
Jim Verdeur, David Kershner, and Thuy Nguyen!!

"Sell Your Soul As An NFT!" drops April 1st!

First single from "the long game" album

I'm excited to announce that "Sell Your Soul As An NFT!" is now available on major streaming platforms and on Bandcamp! Check out this opening salvo to my new rekkid, The Long Game, which comes out this fall! Named "Philly Local Pick of the Day" on WXPN!

Is it an April Fool's joke OR is it a fun way for you to help get my new record over the goal line?

You know what they say.. value is in the eye of the beholder. But what if the beholder is you?

Check out the special offer in the little infomercial I’ve shared here. Anyone who donates $19.95 to my album fund will not only receive a lossless download of the new single "Sell Your Soul As An NFT!" (that’s right, a WAV file, not some janky MP3) but you will also receive a special thank-you video from yours truly, done in my best movie-trailer-meets-political-attack-ad voice, personally thanking you for your service! 

And yes, your AI-generated photo of the soul-infused, nickel plated NFT coin will be included.

All interested parties please Venmo $19.95


Be sure to use this emoji 🤑 in the "what's this for?" comment box!
And don’t forget to specify: mint ✅ cherry ✅ trail mix ✅

JKF to speak at Wilmington Rotary Club

Special lunchtime presentation

You can attend this luncheon at the meeting of the Wilmington Rotary Club by signing up for one of their membership programs! Click the button for more!

JKF on The Halfie Project

Full feature available now

I was recently interviewed and featured by The Halfie Project, which is the brainchild of Rebecca Rose White, a Mixed Korean and White person, born in the US to a military family. Becky was incredibly kind and thorough in not only reading "The Yin and the Yang of it All," but also in her thoughtful questions and interview techniques. The story originally appeared on THP's social media pages in a series of individual posts, but the entire story is now available on the official Halfie Project website.