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After making music for three decades, I have begun to focus on working with fellow artists as a producer. In pre-production, I work with songwriters, vocalists, and instrumentalists to make sure the songs and arrangements are in the best possible shape before going into the studio. I help clients create a realistic recording budget commensurate with their goals and resources, utilizing my extensive network of contacts to find the best studio, recording engineer, and musicians as needed for the project. Once in the studio, I work to create a relaxed atmosphere to get the best possible performances from the artists I work with. Many of the artists I produce are current or former students, but that's not a requirement. Take a listen to some of the music in my list of production credits and feel free to message me if your interested!

Production Credits:
Venice Sunlight - Vs. the Rabid Rabbits EP 2010 (co-produced with Jonathan Low)
Venice Sunlight - Vs.the Sophomore Slump EP 2012 (co-produced with Jonathan Low)
Scarlet Sunrise - Silverstorm EP 2016 (co-produced with Steven LaFashia)
Lexi Vaganos - Lexi Vaganos EP (songwriting pre-production) 2016
Julia Levitina - Take Your Time Loving Me EP 2017
Andrew Piszek - Andrew Piszek EP (songwriting and vocal pre-production) 2017
Grrl Friday - Comin' Around single (co-produced with Ron DiSilvestro) 2017
Good Look, Sigourney - Pump It Up single 2018
Julia Levitina - Apricot Sky single 2018 (engineered and mixed by Cliff Hillis)
Mack Hooligan - Your Goddamn Walls EP 2019
Reece Ratliff - I'll Take The Fall  EP 2019 (engineered and mixed by Ron DiSilvestro)
Zenora - "Things Gotta Change" / "Elixir" singles 2019, 2020 (co-produced with Steven LaFashia)
Zenora - Self-titled EP 2020 (co-produced with Steven LaFashia)
Mack Hooligan - "Bonesaw" / "Bullet With Your Name On It" singles 2020 (co-produced with Ron DiSilvestro)
Zenora - Bring Back Rock 'n' Roll EP 2020 (co-produced with Steven LaFashia)
Beth Arnold Gilbert - Gimme Back My Castle EP 2021 (Vocal production)
Beth Arnold GilbertI Was Not Airtight single 2022 (Vocal production)
Zenora - Warchild LP 2022 (co-produced with Steven LaFashia)
Julia Miralles - "I Am Your Summertime" single 2023
Julia Miralles - “I'll Dream Of You” single 2023
GETZ and the Resonators - "Route 55" single 2023
Tim Butler - “Now” single 2023
Tim Butler - “Nothin At All” single 2023
Tim Butler - “I Know” single 2023
The Newberry Slacks - “Consequences” single 2024