'Talking At The Diner" Podcast: Ep. 3 - Ang Bocca 

Ang Bocca embodies so much of what I love about the musicians I’m here to celebrate on this podcast.. she’s a hustler, a survivor, she leaves it all out on the stage, and to coin her own phrase.. she can sing her d*ck off. 

I met Ang a decade ago when I was the host for a very strange little battle of the bands at Legendary Dobbs on South St. in Philadelphia, where I was also the weekly open mic host. Ang and the Damn Band didn't win, but that was just a minor bump in the road. 

In the past ten years, Ang has done her thing in Philly, New York, and LA, with projects ranging from the aforementioned Damn Band, Angenue, The Mean Redz, a stint with indie rockers goodnight/goodluck, and more.  Having overcome adversity, loss, sexism, and a bad production deal, she's now on the precipice of another new chapter in her musical life with the release of her new unabashedly pop EP "First Love Records." 

Check out our great conversation at the south Philly institution - the Oregon Diner!