"Talking At The Diner" Podcast Ep. 27 ft. Emily Drinker 

Over the past couple of years, Emily Drinker has released a full length album, played at Firefly and the Philadelphia Folk Festival, and opened for artists like Pat Benatar and JD Souther, and along with her band and housemates has brought the Philly music community together with a festival thrown in her backyard called CINNAMiN Fest

Her soulful folk pop goes down smooth whether she’s performing with her powerhouse band the Funky T or in a more intimate format incorporating live looping, Emily is an artist who has found a way to do what she does using every weapon in her considerable arsenal.

She is someone I personally consider a top-shelf vocalist and she has had some incredible and unusual experiences in her travels as a working musician. She's also happens to be so much of a regular at Bob's Diner in Roxborough that they know to save a corn muffin for her anytime she stops in.

I hope you enjoy my wonderful conversation with Emily at Bob's Diner.. where they offer a monumental eating experience! 😁