"Talking At The Diner" Podcast Ep. 28 ft. Rob Tait 

I met up with singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rob Tait at Little Pete’s, which is tucked away in a 60’s-era high rise called the Philadelphian. Rob has been methodically building up to the 2024 release of his full length Americana album called Here and Now with a couple of killer singles in 2023 - “Matilda” and “Space Fire.” His third single “End of the World” is out now and you can hear a nice snippet of the song in the pod. You can stream Rob's other songs HERE. 

This was my first opportunity to really sit down and chat with Rob, who in addition to leading the Rob Tait band, also plays drums with quite few notable Philly artists including John Gilbride, Emily Drinker, Brittany Ann Tranbaugh, and more.

Our conversation went off in all kinds of interesting directions from nerding out on great drum performances (like Gilson Lavis's sick pocket on "Tempted" by Squeeze) to discussing how an artist trying to find their audience navigates the music business in the streaming era.

I hope you enjoy my chat with Rob!

~JKF ❤