"Talking At The Diner" Podcast Ep. 29 ft. Jeremy Savo 

Jeremy Savo is a super-talented musician and songwriter who is originally from the greater Philadelphia area - south Jersey to be precise. His band Out of the Beardspace has spent the last decade PLUS as one of the most popular groups in the regional jam scene, not only due to the fact that literally every member of the band is a bonafide virtuoso on their instrument, but because they single handedly created and nurtured one of the biggest independent music festivals on the east coast. 

Beard Fest began in 2012 in the band’s guitarist Zach LoPresti’s back yard and blossomed into the annual 3-day celebration of creative energy it is today. BUT in 2024, things are a little different because in Jeremy Savo now lives in Maui. That’s right - he packed his bags and his guitars and moved to Hawaii to begin a brand new adventure in both music and life.

When I visited my sister in Hawaii recently, I got a chance to spend the day with Jeremy - he took a short flight from Maui to the island of Oahu and we saw some incredible sights, hit an open mic, and had a great conversation at the Liliha Bakery (which I regret to say I mispronounced as "Alihi" in the podcast.. go 'head make your dyslexia jokes ;). We talked about all kinds of stuff but I was particularly interested in how he made the decision to make a fresh start and move 5,000 miles away from a pretty well-established music career. I'm confident that Jeremy is the kind of guy who will succeed wherever he calls home!