"Talking At The Diner" Podcast Ep. 33 ft. Darnell Miller 

 **Host's Note**
Streaming platforms have become a huge pain in my a$$ by flagging recent episodes for what I can only assume is the use of very short clips of both my and my guests' music. It didn't used to be this way, but here we are. So, unfortunately, episodes on said platforms will no longer contain music clips or even my own theme song, which I now kind of regret releasing as a single. I'll be using an acoustic version of “Talking At the Diner” for intro / outro bumpers and, sadly, no guest artist music clips. However, episodes that DO contain all that good stuff will henceforth be made public on my Patreon after one week of exclusivity to my subscribers. So, while I will still post these altered episodes on streaming platforms for continuity, I encourage you to listen on Patreon and subscribe if you would like to further support the show. Thanks! ~ JKF 

For this episode of "Talking At The Diner" I went back to my home state of Delaware to a spot in Wilmington called Goober’s. I got to sit down with my good friend and Grammy-nominated artist Darnell Miller.

Darnell came up through the Pentecostal church and began a decades-long music career playing gospel music at Faith City, which is a church I had always heard about as a kid in Newark, DE. The circles Darnell fell into through that experience took him on countless tours with gospel superstar Tye Tribbett and he’s got some great stories about his life on the road.

Darnell is also a solo artist, band leader of the Souldaires, a music educator, and on top of all that.. he is a bonafide metal head! Prepare for Stryper, Whitesnake, Poison, and "Balls To The Wall" by Accept to be name-checked! 🤘🤓🤘

Now THAT’S the kind of musician I wanna hang out with!

JKF ~ ❤️