"Talking At The Diner" Podcast Ep. 35 ft. Katie Feeney 

I'm still smiling about my hang with Katie Feeney at the Oregon Diner in south Philly. Katie is a no-nonsense belter with a voice capable of delivering melodic Americana twang with a healthy dose of Robert Plant bravado. Hence, perhaps, the name Roberta Faceplant. At once an alter-ego and a band moniker for the well-oiled country-inflected machine she's been leading into venues all over the greater Philadelphia area, "Roberta," as she affectionately calls it, started as a way to for Katie to land a gig she wanted for an artist that sounded way more rootsy than her funk rock collective You Do You. And so, on a lark in 2018, Katie planted the seeds of a character she has no problem leaning into, unabashedly yee-hawing in front of crowds just trying to match her energy.

The debut Roberta Faceplant EP - "Yee Haw Stuff" - drops on July 26, 2024. 
The songs range from honky tonk ravers like the title track and "Lucille," to the sincere country balladry of "Morning Joe."

In addition to fronting Roberta Faceplant, You Do You, and playing a big role in RF bassist Nick Anastasi's passion project Honey Butter, Katie is also one of Philly's most beloved open mic hosts, running Tuesday nights at Milkboy South St. after having done time at Dobbs on South (my old haunt when it was called "Legendary" Dobbs), and all the way back to pre-pandemic days at Connie's Ric Rac in the Italian Market.

This was honestly one of my favorite conversations for this show and I know you're going to be thoroughly entertained by her takes on such diverse topics as Mexico, Steely Dan, and clowns like me! 🤡

IG: @robertafaceplant

JKF ❤️

Btw.. a few annotations on this episode, as a lot of names get thrown around out of context which you may not be familiar with.. I may not get all of them, but here's what I can think of:

Will Drinker - local film maker and videographer and brother to TatD Ep. 27 guest Emily Drinker

Drew (Parker)- Katie's hubby and guitarist in Roberta Faceplant and You Do You

Nick Anastasi - Roberta Faceplant bassist, bio writer, and the man who cares the most

Annalise (Curtin) and Doug (Lowman) - You know Annalise from our collab single "Ghost Writer".. her bf Doug plays in the metal band Divide The Tides

Paula and Jim (Minacci) - they run the "Sexton Sideshow," promoting indie arts and music events at Old Swedes Church in south Philly

Frank Tartaglia (RIP) / Ron Bauman - Co-owner and GM of Connie's Ric Rac, a south Philly music venue located in the heart of the Italian Market.

Mykk Hoffman - guitarist for Roberta Faceplant, as well as Emily Drinker and the Funky T